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Of course, it is about the same parameter, which should have the same characteristics, the difference being the method of prostate volume calculation mri, thing which is also confirmed in statistical terms, the relationship between the transverse diameter of the prostate among the studied groups measured by the two methods of calculation was found to be strong or moderate.

The craniocaudal diameter is the dimension that is kept relatively in the same range throughout the evolution of nocturia, from 1 to more than 4 times, apparently, the prostatic hypertrophy is not leading to a significant increase of the height of the prostate, the growth affecting other dimensions of the prostate.

The correlation between the craniocaudal diameter of the prostate among the groups studied through the two calculation methods for prostate volume, is strong. The sagittal diameter has the most disappointing results for nocturia differentiation: measured in the first method has values significantly different in the subgroups with nocturia compared with the control group, but in the subgroups statistically significant differences were found only between the subgroup 3 and 1, and measured by the second method can be useful only to differentiate the presence of nocturia compared with the control group, with no statistically significant differences between subgroups with nocturia.

Paradoxically, the sagittal diameter anteroposterior has the highest proportional increase in the nocturia group vs. A study on men aged between 40 and 79 years with the prostate volume measured by TRUS, which were followed up to three years [7] demonstrated the weak statistically significant differences relationship between the prostate variables and lower urinary tract symptoms LUTS.

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We demonstrated [1] that the changes in the frequency of nocturia from which the prostate volume increase statistically significant than other frequency is only from times.

Any uncertainty in determining through echography of the dimensions of prostate can have consequences in treatment planning, and much more, a multicenter prospective observational study from [8], showed a trend of most family doctors in primary care for the treatment without refering to the urologist.

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In principle it is beneficial to the patient by reducing the time to diagnosis and reducing costs, but the lack of common guidelines for family doctors and urologists, the diagnostic procedures chosen are not fully consistent with the best medical evidence. In the search for a method which ensures the validity of the spatial precision of echographic system, the anatomical limits measured through spatially registered ultrasound SRUS images and computed tomography-derived contours TDCs that were acquired with a minimal time lapse [9] were compared.

The clinical results gathered on 8 patients demonstrated alignment between the US and the CTDCs to be 0 mm in the anteroposterior and lateral directions and 2 mm in the craniocaudal direction. The lateral dimension of the prostate indicated by the CTDCs was larger than that indicated by US imaging in all cases and on average by 9 mm. The height of the prostate in the sagittal direction was larger on average by 3 mm using CTDCs than US, and was larger by 5 mm or more in 3 out of de unde provine prostatita cases.

These results suggest that the ultrasound measurements result in generally lower measurements than those through CTDCs, although the number of cases from the cited study was small. The correlations of measurement of the transverse diameter of the prostate using trans-abdominal ultrasound with the transverse diameter determined using TRUS was investigated in a study [10] by reviewing the records of patients who had undergone both trans-abdominal pelvic prostate volume calculation mri for determination of post void residual urine volume and TRUS for evaluation of elevated serum prostate-specific antigen levels or abnormal digital rectal examinations.

There was a strong correlation between the transverse diameter determined using trans-abdominal ultrasound and that determined using TRUS. The possibility of conversion through an equation proves that the series of results by both methods has no errors in the measurement of the dimensions by different examiners. In our study, all measurements were performed by the same examiner, with the same device, with no measurements of the same size where there was no statistically significant relationship.

From the measured dimensions of the prostate, the craniocaudal diameter is the only size with a strong relation in all subgroups with nocturia. It is the parameter that has the lowest variability for the different frequency of the nocturia.

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In conclusion, the craniocaudal diameter is the parameter that is maintaining itself relatively between the same ranges throughout the evolution of nocturia from 1 to more than 4 times per night.

Prostatic hypertrophy apparently does not increase the height of the prostate, the growth affecting other dimensions. The strongest correlation of all measured dimensions was in the subgroup 4, even though the mean of these values was closest to the general population.

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The comparison of the mean increase in prostate size in the hypertrophy has shown that the sagittal diameter has the largest proportional increase in the nocturia group vs. Conclusions The craniocaudal diameter is the size which is maintaining itself relatively between the same ranges throughout prostate volume calculation mri evolution of the nocturia, the hypertrophy affecting other dimensions.

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  5. As anatomical and density information originate from the same scan, no image registration is required and spatial and temporal consistency are ensured.
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It is possible that not the global increase in the size of the prostate is the cause of the nocturia frequency of 4 times or more, prostate volume calculation mri the hypertrophy of the transition zone around the urethra. The sagittal diameter has the largest proportional increase in the nocturia group compared with the control group, but only this is not enough to solve the odds of the nocturia symptoms, but only to highlight the general hypertrophy. Measurement of the perimeter of the prostate in sagittal section may provide clues regarding the odds of frequency of nocturia, at least for the level of times.

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The measurement of the transverse diameter by method 1 would be useful for the odds of the frequency of nocturia of times vs. To confirm or to rule out the results of this study further research, particularly in multicenter studies is required.

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